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Meet Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, experienced facilitator, and coach.

With a passion for personal growth and development, Luis Daniel has dedicated his life to guiding individuals and teams towards unlocking their true potential. (1993-)

Through his extensive travels and exploration of diverse cultures (1996-), he has gained valuable insights that shape his unique approach to coaching and facilitation. With a focus on bridging ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, Luis Daniel's Matrix-Q Methodology offers a holistic and transformative path for individuals to discover their purpose and embrace a traveler mindset.

Luis is founder of the Matrix-Q Purpose Driven Community, dedicated to accelerate the transition of our planet into a purpose-driven civilization, and empower individuals realize their purpose driven journey and lifestyle. Luis believes that when entrepreneurs build purpose driven organizations, fulfillment, balance, and positive impulse for the next 9+ generations, caring for nature, society, economy and peace, will naturally take place, thanks to innovation, entrepreneurship and the ability to respond to time sensitive opportunities with a purpose driven mindset.

Join us on this transformative journey led by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and unlock the power of purpose within you.


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