The Impactful Power of Matrix-Q Storytelling Methodology

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> Introduction to the Matrix-Q Methodology applied to storytelling and performing arts

> How to create a positive regenerative impact in the world by addressing global pressing issues through creativity, experiential performing arts and storytelling

> We will introduce you to key workshops, experiences created through arts techniques, and Matrix-Q Methodology, that have therapeutical outcomes. Including releasing stress (emotion, body, mind), health prevention, mental health enhancement, releasing trauma and shocks. As well how these experiences contribute directly and indirectly with the acquisition of skills, necessary to enhance our response capacity to the challenges the future 9 generations will need to solve

> The author will invite you join the Matrix-Q Ensemble, SunDance Theta, and engage together, as an artists community, school of the  Matrix-Q Akademia, into the production of performing arts for regenerative impact, human responsive capacity enhancement, facilitating learning experiences (transformational personal development, self-care and leisure) with arts and creativity, as well producing performances for stage, media, written, or other mediums for self-expression, for our audience.

> You will be introduced to the Matrix-Q Methodology, approached from diverse perspectives, as a language that creates a backbone for creativity, in which nature universal principles are being utilised

> As well a workshop and coaching training sessions is suggested for you to attend, to explore, learn by doing, learn by playing and by experience, how the Matrix-Q Methodology is applied for regenerative impactful performing arts and storytelling


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The Impactful Power of Matrix-Q Storytelling Methodology

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