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Matrix-Q Retreats provides an intensive, dedicated and focussed journey

Our retreats may be dedicated to:

  • Self-knowledge

  • Work-life balance

  • Mental health

  • Skills

  • Self-awareness

  • Happiness

  • Life-Path

  • Family

  • Community

  • Nature care

2021 Q4 Ho'oponopono Retreat

Ho'oponopono 9 Days Retreat - We sing together from home the earth life system 60 min/day (Any time of the day)

A 9 Days Retreat
We will sing/listen together for 9 continues days, 108 practice
Our focus will be to sing to the earth, life system, for 9 days

Climate change means for us, humanity, modern civilisation, a 100+ years process,of adjustment and change, in which the next 9+ generations will need to commit and take action.
This process could have started in the years 80s, last century, or even before, while we already knew what was going on and could predict the outcomes
Today, we (Current 4 generations, Gen B, X, M, Z and soon Alpha) carry the duty of leaving this planet better than how we found it at the time of our birth. Yet we have also inherited the earth from our ancestors.
What can we say today to earth living system, and the millions of species extinct, and ecosystems damaged, along the last 300+ years? Outcome of so many generations of humans on our own family trees.
Lets Ho'oponopono 9 Days Retreat - We sing together to earth life system, saying, for our selves, in the name of our children and our elders (family tree, ancestors) together:

  • Step 1: Repentance – JUST SAY: I'M SORRY. ...

  • Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ...

  • Step 3: Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. ...

  • Step 4: Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.

Hoping this song to be carried generation after generation to inspire us, align our actions, and collaboration, to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future

Just RSVP, and review the video and meditation focus planned for the respective day


Bring together all Matrix-Q Retreats programs, along a daily journey of 3 pahses

Morning, Early afternoon and evening

Giving to each retreat its own time segment along the day

Practice for at least 9 days

For example: The Primordial Cards : 9+ Days of Creation

and other retreat programs to be published here soon

You can choose the ideal time for you to listen/sing, listen to the video clip, focus your heart towards the earth life system, and go on along 20 min or ideally 60 min
Or you can join us daily, at 16:00 CEST to do this practice together, including 9' min conscious breathe session plus 9 min Ho'oponopono
Or you can join us at ClubHouse along forest Bathing sessions, scheduled spontaneously along the week

For subscribers (please send us your email address or RSVP here we will daily send by email, WhatsApp or at our community channel the MEDITATION FOCUS POINT and inspiration for the day

After the breathing and listening/singing session, you are welcome to share with us in our online community,
by WhatsApp group at 0031626673380
or e-mail to

We believe in the power of collective intention, the practice itself will pure our hearts and bring us back to balance and clarity for our work/projects in sustainability, innovation, creativity and social impact


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Matrix-Q Retreats

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