The Matrix-Q One Network

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Our mission is to bring 9 Billion Humans on Earth Together

We believe to be able to find that single and unique thing that all humans on earth need, that would bring them all together.

The Matrix-Q One Network aims to slowly evolve and grow organically by including more members every season.

We will invite our new members to explore and participate in our digital platform, and tools created for the network.

More about how does it work:

Follow up on our online live events:

You could not attend any online event. That is not a problem.  At the Matrix-Q One Network, you can follow up with a subscription.

  • New sessions, recordings, audio (podcast) challenges, and games are shared on our subscription-based platform.  Including segments (recordings) of our meetups.
  • We share with you updates on our project status
  • We will play all sorts of asynchronous games that suit our purpose as a network.
  • We will also challenge you to achieve an outcome collectively, even if you did not attend an online event or met the other members. 
  • In our subscription-based platform, we update you on new content and create for you other paths to connect with our members or have the experience of participation of all together.
  • All is about human connection. There are many alternatives to connect.


Every season we add content that has been designed exclusively for members of the Matrix-Q One Network.


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FEES: At the Matrix-Q One Network the fees are always 1,00 EUR

This membership will automatically end after one month.
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The Matrix-Q One Network

0 ratings