The Peace-Song of Odin Theta - Collection Updated every 3 months

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Between 2012 and 2016, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will keep on living abroad and traveling, combining multidisciplinary archaeology expedition, research, and storytelling.

2014-2016, Russia, Germany, Finland, and Austria, Luis will use his artistic name: Odin Theta, to tell stories and sing songs about peace

At the same time will organize peace gatherings and presentations, and dedicate himself to write books, and produce trainings with an innovative methodology for non violence, communication, self-defense, strategic management, gender, education, health; which utilizes positive emotions.

This product contents audio and video materials, under the collection: The Peace son of Odin Theta


New compositions improv percussion on guitar chords and poetry telling are created by Luis every season and will be updated here

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The Peace-Song of Odin Theta - Collection Updated every 3 months

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