Optimize the management of your time with the Matrix-Q Method

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Optimize the management of your time

Achieve more, impact more, communicate more, learn more in less time

Success, Work-Life Balance & Happiness at Work with Matrix-Q Time


The Matrix-Q Guild Membership offers you modules of training along the year.

All our packages include 40 min coaching-training session, capacity assessment with a Matrix-Q Coach

A podcast series and legacy e-publications

WORKSHOP: The Nature of Time & Human Emotions


TARGETS & OUTCOME (Matrix-Q Guild Membership)

Vary by module, please contact us for a presentation (specific to each modules), and also for Q&A. (Just schedule time with us for Q&A)

Includes licenses and certificates for coach-trainers  https://akademia.matrix-q.solutions/matrix-q-time/.

The following will be developed. learned, explored, achieved, in order to optimize your capacity to manage your time

Adaptive capacity

Emotional Intelligence

Attention span, focus, concentration, brain gym

Thinking skills (tools) applied to time management

Time eaters, time enhancers

Time management optimization with emotions-awareness

Compacting and bending time (Matrix-Q Fractal Time System)

Nature cycles, rhythms, principles, systems and natural time

Process management and time

Product and business cycle in time

Hormones cycles (Male, female) and time management optimization

Leadership and time management

Data-driven tools for time management (Matrix-Q Method)

Human Circularity: Circularity principles applied to time management

Case study


Our services offer a unique hybrid approach that integrates personalized attention with digital resources. Upon purchasing our program, you’ll embark on a journey starting with a private individual assessment session. This assessment enables us to tailor your digital content, coaching, training, and mentorship sessions specifically to your needs.

You will access an exclusive opportunity to learn directly with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Schedule your session via WhatsApp chat at 0031626673380 or via calendly: https://calendly.com/matrix-q-solutions/frontdesk

Once the assessment is completed, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive array of digital resources including videos, audios, workbooks, guides, journals, and tasks. These resources are exclusively available to individuals who have completed the necessary training prerequisites.

After your purchase, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule your initial assessment session. Subsequently, you’ll receive any additional content applicable to your program and have the opportunity to schedule further sessions designed to support your development journey. This personalized approach ensures that you receive effective support and resources aligned with your unique goals and objectives.

Our methodology is holistic, data-driven, and gamified. Through an actionable, hands-on program, you’ll be encouraged to take specific actions, achieve milestones, develop skills, and solve challenges. Your commitment and investment of time will accelerate your learning curve, ensuring the acquisition of actionable knowledge and skills. This approach empowers you to create tangible outcomes in your personal, professional, or business life, leveraging your newly acquired knowledge effectively and sustainably.

Results may vary depending on individual circumstances, commitment, and effort invested. Our services provide the tools and support needed for growth and development, but the outcomes achieved are ultimately influenced by each participant’s unique situation and dedication.

For more details please read our Terms of Service. https://matrix-q.studio/#TOS.    

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Optimize the management of your time with the Matrix-Q Method

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