Holistic Business Blue Print

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  • 3 conflict points with your profession or business that are limiting your capacity to be successful
  • 3 holistic principles that will align your business/profession to your values, purpose, and capacity
  • A proven method that has helped 100s of entrepreneurs to unleash their holistic potential


  1. Workbook to plan a business in harmony with your holistic lifestyle, personal development stages, and/or spiritual path
  2. Workbook to create a product utilizing your untapped potential
  3. A tool to guide you in the development of your holistic business


  • Advice to execute your business plan and strategy


" The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature-inspired social and economic principles, with modern-day business and social models (...) The tools he has developed from here are of a holistic and mathematic nature, and at the same time can be applied to any type and size of an organization, as well as for individuals/leaders" ~ Monique van de Vijver. Solidaridad Network - International Innovation Leader

"If embraced and faced it will help you find your limits where you thought there were none. It is an opportunity to challenge and push your natural capacity, learn true strengths and resolve fears and weaknesses" Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

" Matrix-Q Contains a large amount of knowledge from different cultures all over the world. This knowledge is translated into practical exercises, which can be used immediately and which increase your personal well-being on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Step by step, you gain insights, growing at the pace that suits you " ~ Bianca Dekker, ICT, Agile & Scrummaster, The Netherlands

" Luis' expertise is novel and useful to organizational development." ~ Arno de Snoo, Lecturer at the International Development Management Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science, The Netherlands


In 1993 our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, created a workshop and study circle, pioneering gamified learning, learning by doing, for university students. The activities of the study circle continued for the following 4 years successfully, motivating the attendees to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Luis lived abroad and traveled between 1996/7-2022, as a multidisciplinary researcher, entrepreneur, and business consultant (sustainable development). Bringing together leadership, entrepreneurship, and positive impact with innovative holistic tools for strategic management.

Luis has made his life work of finding the holistic source code of nature and therefore life itself. His multidisciplinary background has helped him describe the code and make it accessible.

He traveled the world to test his work and found supporting material and networks.

He is the producer of a holistic education system and entrepreneurship, a gamified and data-driven approach for accelerated learning, that elevates our meta powers. (Matrix-Q Akademia)

He authored the e-book collections in 2012 and 2017: " The I Ching Theta - The book of primordial changes, mathematics & archetypes", "The art of war, the art of peace, and the 9 elements of emotional self-management for leaders", "The indigo elephant", " The human-based engine, the human hologram, and quantum potentiality"

He is located in the Netherlands since 2016 and is the founder of the Matrix-Q entrepreneurs' ecosystem (Matrix-Q Challenge), Innovator (Matrix-Q Tech), futurist (Matrix-Q Quantum Vision)

Quantum, and purpose-driven leadership coach.

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Holistic Business Blue Print

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