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Escape Room Earth - Matrix-Q Riddles of time, peace & prosperity (RESOURCES)

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Escape Room Earth - Matrix-Q Riddles of time, peace & prosperity (RESOURCES)

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You are purchasing resources to play the Matrix-Q Game: ESCAPE ROOM: Solve the riddles of time, peace and propsperity

Learn more about the game: https://matrix-q.games/playing-now/matrix-q-riddles

Included in your purchase (Subscription)

  • Instructions how to play the game
  • Riddles
  • Basic training
  • Advise and clues by the game master
  • Inspiration
  • Lern-play, impact-play activities
  • Resources to play the game
  • The resources may include training, coaching, mentorship, use of tools, methods, development of skills, and knowledge.

To purchase complementary resources is optional. It only increases the chance of successfully solving the riddles. Resources can be also earned with points and tokens, or given to the players as rewards for their success

Introduction by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, HandPan Improv.


Matrix-Q Riddles are challenges to be solved by anyone that dares to

The Matrix-Q Riddles players may receive rewards and prizes for completing one or more phases of the riddle

As a story-driven game, players enter a journey with a sequence of missions, tasks, or projects to complete.


Vary from riddle to riddle, from cash, tokens, training, certificates, licenses, resources, memberships, and opportunities. 


  • Players are requested to register/apply and subscribe (membership)  (an identity check will follow).
  • After registration will receive the riddle(s), instructions and resources
  • Players will follow up on instructions and earn points, rewards, and resources
  • A mentor (Matrix-Q Game Master) is always available providing support, and guidance
  • According to the number of points earned, the higher number of points defines the winners for each phase of the game. Accordingly, rewards and prizes are given.


Subscribe to receive further instructions

Every 3 months you will receive new clues, information, resources, opportunities to win




We are living in complex times, with an uncertain future. It is our choice to play a role, and create a positive impact in the world of today and a sustainable future for the next 9 generations.

The ESCAPE ROOM EARTH will challenge you to solve classic, mysterious, and systemic impact riddles, utilizing your natural thinking, knowledge, experience, and skills.


Follow the instructions, solve the riddles, challenges, missions, projects, tasks given

Earn points, tokens

Select the resources you want to use to enhance your performance in the game

Demonstrate you can apply the knowledge acquire to solve the riddles of time, peace and propsperity

Complete the journey created for you.


There is no age limit to playing the game.


The Escape Room Earth has been designed as a sequence of gamified challenges that are instructive, learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play

Players will acquire along with the game skills, knowledge, tools, abilities, competencies

The game brings players, through a tailor-made program facilitated by a Matrix-Q Game master, to their next level of capacity: Leadership, innovation, creativity, adaptation, entrepreneurial mindset, holistic thinking, and living.


We utilize a gamified holistic education methodology.

There are two kinds of challenges. General challenges everyone will need successfully complete. And individual challenges tailor-made for the player, hero or collective of players with similar traits

Data-driven tools and games, that measure, predicts, value, enhance and optimize player capacity and performance. Accordingly, we set tailor-made challenges for individuals and collectives.

A Matrix-Q Game master is always available for questions, answers, advice or extra riddles that will help the player find their way and successfully complete their journey

Riddles 2022

The primordial riddle of time, peace, and prosperity

Players will be challenged to solve the riddle, to unveil the algorithm of time, peace and prosperity


  1. Register (Apply) in order to play
  2. Subscribe (Membership) to the basic training included (e-learning or live training)
  3. After registration, you will receive instructions on how to access the riddles, and receive (optional) resources, training, mentorship to play (Players may purchase complementary resources for the game. The resources may include training, coaching, mentorship, use of tools, methods, development of skills, and knowledge. To purchase complementary resources is optional. It only increases the chance of successfully solving the riddles. Resources can be also earned with points and tokens, or given to the players as rewards for their success)
  4. The riddle can be solved by completing a number of tasks. The process will bring relevant information to the players, necessary to solve the riddles of time, peace, and prosperity.
  5. The riddle will be solved then stage by stage, in a number of phases.
  6. The winners of each phase, those that achieved the desired results, will compete with each other (points). The winners with higher points for each phase will receive rewards and prizes.  Before the player starts a new phase will receive clear details of the challenges, rewards, and prizes to be given to the winners of the phase.
  7. How does a player receive points? by completing tasks and following the instructions
  8. Players may receive mentorship, support from the game master, utilizing the tokens received
  9. Winners receive tokens, and for every solstice and equinox, the winner of each phase will receive their rewards or prizes. Players have a maximum of 729 days or a minimum of 81 days (One season, between solstice and equinox) to complete a phase. 729 days includes 9 seasons. We will give prizes and rewards 9 times.


  • Length: 729 days. Since the primordial riddle of time, peace and prosperity goes live. 20th March. Players may continue playing until 20th March 2024 at 24.00 Amsterdam Time Zone
  • The riddle will be played for a total length of 729 days. A player may start at any moment and complete tasks as faster as wanted. All players must stop playing on the 20th of March 2024 at 24.00 Amsterdam Time Zone. The outcome of their play will be evaluated from that date on. Points, and rewards are given at solstice and equinox.


  • Up to 3.000,00 EUR in cash (Prizes start at 100,00 EUR up to 500,00 EUR. A winner may be eligible to receive cash prizes more than once).
  • Up to 2.000,00 EUR in value of Certificates, Matrix-Q Akademia, for up to 9 players = 18.000,00 EUR
  • Up to 5.000,00 EUR in value of products and services, Matrix-Q Games, for up to 9 players = 45.000,00 EUR
  • Matrix-Q Licenses (Technology, Tools, Professional services) in value of 108.000,00 EUR each for at least one winner.
  • Additional opportunities and benefits to be consumed within additional 729 days, in value of up to 27.000,00 EUR / eligible player winner. 
  • Matrix-Q Tokens for each completed task. The tokens can be used to activate learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities.
  • Resources, capital, mentorship, support, opportunities to startup a business project

This membership will automatically end after 24 months.
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