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By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

9+ things I have learned about "Bridging the gap…"

About Gen A+, Z, M, X+, B, and THE FUTURE [0/12]


For those that had the opportunity to be on the frontline of Multigenerational-Collaboration (where an outcome is expected) and realized a BRIDGE of information, understanding, and clarity is needed.

We are living in unprecedented times, with continuous unpredictable changes and transitions constantly unfolding with outcomes we have not experienced before, we can not prevent, predict or learn to expect.

In these times knowledge, skills, and commitment are currency. If you do not have any, then you need to BRIDGE THE GAP. Understanding why you need them is of key importance.

We can look at the long-term whole picture, from a level of thinking above and beyond the source of thinking that created the cause of systemic challenges we experience today, and the accelerated compound effect creating the future 20, 40, 80, and 200 years.

This conversation is not about you. At least not you alone. It is about all of us. The human species. Or at least, it is about your network, your community, your company, your ecosystem, your planet, your family, your legacy, and your future.

What is the real challenge we face today when 5+ generations look at the world, present, future, and past in their unique views?

I would like to share with you some chapters of my experience, in the EU (1997-), the Netherlands (2016-), and Internationally (1993-), questions and challenges I have not yet turned around fully. Maybe you would like to contribute with your experience too.

I have interviewed 100s of young aspiring entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, investors

I have hosted conversations with the 5+ generations, supporting leaders, and entrepreneurs

I have undergone negotiations with investors, and founders of startups

I had 1000+s of recruiting conversations in the last 5 years

I have shared collective efforts with 1000's global citizens, living abroad and traveling or online

What did I learn? about bridging the gap.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Keynote Speaker, Multidisciplinary Researcher,

Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor

Holistic-Quantum Entrepreneurship Trainer

Traveler, Explorer, Artist, Author, Philosopher

Mentor, Coach

CEO Founder Matrix-Q Investor-Entrepreneur's Club

Matrix-Q Research Institute (Matrix-Q Knowledge)

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