Matrix-Q House (Co-Living Space Akademia): Coach-Trainer (Facilitator) & Leaders School

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Matrix-Q House (Co-Living Space Akademia): Coach-Trainer (Facilitator) & Leaders School

The Matrix-Q Akademia for coach trainers, leaders, facilitators of a co-living space, or eco-village.

Jens Becker & Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, introduce you to the school program including:

  • A futurist vision of self-sufficient eco-villages

  • The role of a facilitator, coach, leader

  • The challenges communities in co-living spaces face

  • The importance of use of emotional intelligence, gender skills, complexity and simple solutions (How Matrix-Q Methodology, technology, data, skills, knowledge, can reduce the learning curve, enable actionable and effective communication, improve time, collaboration, process management, decision making and leadership)

  • The training program (skills, knowledge, values, character building) that a facilitator, coach, leader, will receive at the Matrix-Q Akademia (Matrix-Q House Project)

MATRIX-Q DNA e-ASSESSMENT for individuals

Sessions of 40 min, data-driven assessment of your learning, adaptation and leadership capacity.

A Matrix-Q Coach will schedule the sessions with you, according to your availability, between 9:00 AM and 18:00 PM CET, Amsterdam Time Zone

Would you like to be a Matrix-Q Community Coach-Trainer (Facilitator-Leader), the you need to learn about your own DNA, mindset, skills and potential utilising the Matrix-Q e-Assessment Tools (Holistic Coaching)

We will utilise the Matrix-Q Smart App, to generate your unique Matrix-Q DNA Code, and advise you, according to the e-Assessment report, on your potential, barriers, and opportunities.

We will review with you together the Matrix-Q Leadership Styles (Archetypes 27) and how to utilise emotional intelligence to make decisions, manage time, communicate, collaborate, and think together.

This experience will give you insights on our holistic coaching, thinking and education methodology


We invite you and your community to schedule a collective event 3x40 min dedicated to generate a collective Matrix-Q DNA code for your community, to assess collective blindspots, barriers, strengths, opportunities.

Also to identify the type of leadership style, mindset and skills a community leader, coach-trainer, needs to collaborate with your community.

We will match for your community a coach-trainer (facilitator-leader) with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and experience.

Your community will also learn along this e-assessment workshop, how to better self-organise, learn together and support each other, by having all together a map of the collective DNA


The Matrix-Q Akademia

The Matrix-Q House

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Matrix-Q House (Co-Living Space Akademia): Coach-Trainer (Facilitator) & Leaders School

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