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The Matrix-Q Holistic Actionable Communication method applied to accelerate our learning curve and holistic capacity to respond to climate change

The data-driven methodology is used also for holistic education, holistic strategic management, leadership, circular design, life-work balance and holistic human competences development. 

To start your training with the holistic communication methodology and accelerated holistic  learning method, you complete the first milestone necessary to complete your climate skills.

The Training program includes 9 levels and it is combined with the use of a Smart application, a data-driven tool that helps us measure, predict, enhance and optimize your climate skills

In this e-learning program, you will learn how to enhance your communication by utilizing an innovative methodology. For the practice you will immerse yourself into a story-driven learning experience, with characters engaged in developing solutions for their city, responding to the disruptions created by climate change.

The first training module includes a coaching training session (holistic coaching), with a human consultant, to introduce you to the methodology. 

You will then receive access to the video lessons, audio materials, learning tools, webinars and climate community forum activities prepared for our students. 

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Matrix-Q Climate - Holistic & Actionable Communication Training

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