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Balance, Purpose & Freedom

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Balance, Purpose & Freedom

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Learn how to create a life with balance, purpose, and freedom

We will explore weekly how the Matrix-Q DNA App combined with specific Matrix-Q Tools, Skills and Knowledge, will help you create the future you want

Realize your mindset, and adaptive capacity will make a great difference.  

Have you utilized the Matrix-Q DNA MindSet App already? Did you notice your code? Is it a code of balance? Which are your blindspots? Your strengths? 

The Matrix-Q DNA MindSet App will help you monitor yourself and your own changes, at any moment you want in your life. It is a very practical tool, in 3 min, you will have results. Then, what to do next? It is all your choice.

We will bring you techniques you can use in 3, 9, or 18 minutes daily, to shift your life, present and future. Where do you start? By knowing yourself.

I can show you the path, but you need to walk it.



Essential guidance, how to achieve a life with balance, purpose and freedom.

Includes access free of charge to the Matrix-Q DNA App


It provides workbooks and guidance.

How to utilize your emotions and body awareness, improve the management of your time, utilize a preventive/predictive mindset, cultivate and nurture a positive mindset.

You will learn tools to increase your buffer, release stress, process faster, keep your adaptation capacity high and manage change and transformation.

Nature-inspired knowledge will be utilized to navigate nature/hormone cycles, shifts, and time, with intuitive, natural, and precise methods.

And the best of all, you will learn how to have fun all the way.

You will learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q DNA app in your daily life, to improve everything you do that influence positively your balance: at work, with your family, in your lifestyle, in nature, or with your community

We will bring you how to utilize the Matrix-Q DNA app to find inspiration, balance, better time management, communication, collaboration, choices, and keep yourself positive, creative and responsive during complex times, and playful in daily life.


Includes Balance 101 materials plus monthly inspiration, challenges, activities, and games.

You learn by playing for 9, or 18 min daily/weekly.

Activities also include guided conscious breathing (Matrix-Q Method), self-defense, creativity, yoga, human connection, sound, and outdoors (Forest bathing) activities dedicated to creating balance in your life and also self-knowledge

You will realize the abundance you carry within, your own personal resources, and how to activate them in any circumstance you want or every time you need them.

Our motivation in this program is to help you unleash your future self, through a journey towards the within.

Our main focus is for you to realize your own purpose, capacity, skills, and strengths, and from that foundation make your own choices.

You will explore, get to know deeply, your own personal resources, set clear goals, plans to achieve them, and develop the capacity for execution and achievement

We will learn together how to utilize the Matrix-Q DNA app to make better choices, design and carry out plans, develop suitable strategies, and break down challenges in their key elements.

You will develop a personal leadership lifestyle that suits your needs and challenges at every moment, evolve in your capacity, skills, and approach to solve challenges, become creative and playful, enjoy quality time with the people you care about, and develop your own holistic lifestyle


Includes both Balance 101 and Purpose packages

The freedom program includes guidance to solve wealth-ability challenges, manage your time better, and enhance your performance at work.

As well as insights and guidance to nurture and develop meaningful relationships, in both private life and professional life, enhancing your communication, collaboration, and co-creativity skills.

You will learn how to find the activities, people, and projects that match the next step of your journey. To navigate life and self orient yourself.

We will explore how to develop your capacity for creativity and adaptation to the highest level, by bringing together your full potential, both male and female skills, and utilizing life rhythms, cycles, and hormones shifts.

You will learn how to utilize nature as a resource and structure for your daily life success. Harnessing nature forces and your own natural resources, abundant within you, to realize your own vision, become yourself, choose your destiny.

Advanced tools, techniques, skills, and gamified challenges.


The journey towards the within. Unleashing your future self

Mastering the sound, vibration, created by yourself, music instruments, nature, or daily life.

When: 4 times/year, next weekend after solstice/equinox

Length: 11.00 AM to 18.00 PM

Location: City of Rhenen, The Netherlands

Complete details: https://matrix-q.games/playing-now/masterclass

Facilitator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


We are living challenging times, but also times filled with wonder, new knowledge, and innovative technology. We have learned so much about what means and what is human. Neuroscience, cognitive science, biohacking, epigenetics, holistic learning, gamified learning, emotional intelligence, and human consciousness.

Today we can say that there is sufficient knowledge for our global civilization to do a quantum jump, into the future, in both technology and society. 


This workshop will bring you knowledge, information, tools, and skills to level up your game

You will experience and discover natural resources available in yourself, and the keys to unleashing them.

Along with the workshop, we will facilitate experiences that will give you an empowering impulse, towards a more conscious, in balance, happy life. With the new skills and knowledge, you will connect with others, create quality time, cultivate, and nurture a creative and positive mindset. You will unveil a mirror, with positive aspects and potential in yourself, you have never seen before. You will learn how to activate it, craft it, and use it at will, in any circumstance in life you want.


  • The workshop provides a powerful regenerative experience. Stress release, buffer increase.
  • After this workshop, utilizing the techniques we will teach, you will: sleep better, has greater focus, longer attention span, process better and faster stress, strengthen your body, emotions, and mind.
  • Create a foundation for mental health through positive playful and enjoyable activities, you can also practice at home, or outdoors, on your own in 3 min.
  • We believe that by empowering our attendees and creating in you the capacity to apply with autonomy our methods, we serve you better.   
  • You will learn how to utilize sound, and vibration, created by you, by nature, or experienced in daily life, as a resource for well-being, regeneration, consciousness, balance, and happiness.


Schedule the sessions online or outdoors (If you are living in the Netherlands, we take coaching walks/hikes at the Grebbeberg Forest in the city of Rhenen) or you walk in nature in your own homeland and receive a coaching phone call.

40 min per assessment session, you may extend it if necessary

2x40 min per holistic coaching or personalized training session with a Matrix-Q Specialist

The package includes guidelines for self-coaching, and self-orientation, handed out by the coach.

We utilize zoom/team calls online or telephone calls, also WhatsApp chat


  • 4 Workshops within 729 days with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, in the Netherlands
  • 9x40 min Coaching-training sessions online
  • Smart App


  • e-Learning "Balance 101, Purpose & Freedom" Packages all new content published within 729 days
  • 12x40 min Coaching-training sessions online
  • HandPan & Poetry Telling Improv.
  • Smart App


Consider that to apply the knowledge and use the exercises you will need 9 min or 18 min/day

My suggestion is to start with the Balance 101 Package.

If you have time and capacity to learn 3 packages at the same time, then do it. Maybe you are advanced already and will go quickly through the materials and instructions.

I suggest you review all the materials and packages, as the content of each of them is related to each other.

Each package will bring you to the next level of performance and capacity. Each package has within itself the foundation of all you need. So you can freely choose where to start, and how far you want to go.


Please listen first to the introduction audio/video for instructions

You receive guidance and materials for using techniques, methods, taking challenges, tasks or exercises.

There is more content added every month. So you can explore always new approaches and cases, and learn new techniques, from diverse perspectives applied in new scenarios.


It is up to you. The foundations you need will be provided for you to complete the learning process within the first month.

If you complete the tasks and follow the instructions you will achieve the foundation you need to create the future you want

We just know that every person's learning process is unique. Some subscribers learn some topics, and skills faster than others.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,

Founder Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Serial entrepreneur, Coach-Trainer, Sustainability Consultant, Innovator, Multidisciplinary Researcher, Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts Trainer, Artist, Author. 27 years living abroad and traveling. www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info https://matrix-q.games


You can always contact your mentor for advice and to receive guidance to accelerate your learning or design a more effective learning strategy.

Schedule time with us, free of charge, for questions and answers or intake. 15 min call by phone, zoom/teams online.



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