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Matrix-Q Algorithms

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Matrix-Q Algorithms

Matrix-Q Ecosystem - Akademia & Research Institute e-Publications & Subscriptions
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The Matrix-Q Akademia Memberships

The Matrix-Q Algorithms Program


  • Video Presentation and e-workbook
  • 1x membership Matrix-Q Akademia x 729 days
  • 1x Knowledge, content in value of 9 units of service
  • 1x additional 27 units of service the user may decide to use for additional content, e-learning programs, e-coaching, workshops, live sessions, outdoors training, or challenges


The Matrix-Q Algorithm 387456219 content is ideal for entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and investors

The content includes knowledge for business, personal growth, and learning about the 9 capitals or 9 principles of holistic capitalism

Facilitated by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


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