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The Journey of the primordial hero

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The Journey of the primordial hero

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"The rhythm of the drum, in synch with the pulse of your own heart, to orient yourself in your life or business journey" - The Matrix-Q algorithmic method for self-orientation 


3x40 Min (WOKSHOP) and/or weekly 1x40 min (TRAINING SESSIONS)

Drumming Circle combined with conscious breathing

Exploration in 9 fields of emotional intelligence, skills, and human competences

Guided e-workbook (diary) workshop: self-orientation (Self-assessment, self-coaching)

BONUS: Matching your skills & mindset with the 17 SDG's  


You will learn how to utilize for your private life or business

The algorithmic Matrix-Q Tool for self-orientation ( Holistic strategic management )

Including a Matching of your DNA (MindSet, Capacity) with the SDG's

You will also learn how to utilise conscious breathing (Matrix-Q Breathe method) to release stress and allow emotions and positive thinking to boost your creativity and adaptive capacity

You will learn about the 9+ Matrix-Q Cyphers, a symbolic language that helps you represent the type of skills, knowledge, tools, experiences, competences you have or need for your life path and create algorithms with it

As well you will learn to utilise the drum (Matrix-Q Drumming method) to enhance your body, emotions, self-awareness, creativity and adaptive capacity.


Optimize your self-orientation capacity 300%

Accelerate learning 200%

Enhance your adaptive capacity 80%

Improve your ability to listen to your own heart, emotions, body and intuition 300%

Level-Up your emotional-intelligence

Learn new methods, tools and techniques (Certificates Included)


e-book " The Primordial Navigation tool - The Primordial Journey of the Hero" by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

(OPTIONAL) Individual e-coaching - capacity assessment session 40" min


(OPTIONAL) e-Workshop: Matrix-Q Drumming https://matrix-q.solutions/mqakademia/matrix-q-workshop-drumming-navigation


We are living unprescedented times

Life continously challenge us with choices and an uncertain future

Which direction should we take? Where is our destination?

Which are the choices that will make us feel happy?


Have you asked yourself the questions?

Which kind of impact would you like your company, business, or profession to create in the world, within 10 years?

Which knowledge, skills, competences, tools, jobs, or experiences you need to create the future you want?

Which are the opportunities that you perceive today, and which other alternatives you need or want to enable for yourself in a close future?

Which path will you take?

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