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The Legacy archive of stories created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Demo the use of Matrix-Q Algorithmic StoryTelling or StoryTelling with Primordial Symbolic Language

With monthly updates and new creations.

Offers video stories, and audio stories read, improvised and created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as well as e-booklets converted into video/audio storytelling


The Matrix-Q Research Institute multidisciplinary studies include the study of human communication, language, symbols, metaphors as a medium to transfer of knowledge, experience, skills, activate capacity, unleash potential, provide information, generate data, as well as to transfer emotions, perceptions, creating as an outcome cultural, behavior and collective intelligence patterns.

In the study of language, the author, R&D Lead of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, has in particular explored in the use of symbols that refer to nature principles, cycles, rhythms, laws and human stages of development to communicate value. 

When these symbols are described in the form of metaphors and stories, the ancient practice of storytelling, for the generation of culture, takes form again.

Matrix-Q StoryTelling uses Matrix-Q Algorithms, a sequences of steps necessary to solve a challenge, in this context to communicate an idea, to transfer knowledge, perceptions of value, unleash human potential.

The Matrix-Q Primordial algorithms, uses primordial language, which is a very specific form of nature inspired language, as its terms are correlated to the 9+ categories of skills, competences, knowledges, tools, described by the Matrix-Q System


For the Practice of Matrix-Q StoryTelling the identification of your MindSet DNA  (Matrix-Q MindSet e-Test App) and understand of the Matrix-Q Cyphers and Matrix-Q Human Typology Archetypes is essential. 

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Video/Audio e-books and live Matrix-Q StoryTelling Improv

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Matrix-Q Legacy: StoryTelling

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