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Matrix-Q Quantum Entrepreneurship 101

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Matrix-Q Quantum Entrepreneurship 101

Matrix-Q Ecosystem - Akademia & Research Institute e-Publications & Subscriptions
0 ratings

Matrix-Q Quantum Entrepreneurship 101

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs’ Club provides a complete program (9+ Modules) on Quantum Entrepreneurship

Bu subscribing in this e-learning program you receive automatically the GUEST Membership for 3 months

Included (*):


  • 1x Capacity Assessment Program (Personal Growth) = 3 units
  • 1x Company/Project Assessment Program = 3 units
  • 1x Coaching-training program (Tailor-made) = 3 units


  • 1x Webinar “ Quantum Powers - The Matrix-Q Story” Introduction to Quantum Powers
  • 1x Holistic Business Tool
  • 1x Navigating Change & Transition Tool
  • 1x Matrix-Q Quantum Riddles PDF
  • 2x Matrix-Q CARDS
  • 3x Gift Certificates

(*) Subscribers with promotional vouchers or discount codes may not be eligible to receive all the services included in the list above. Please contact us for more details welcome@matrix-q.cub


This membership will automatically end after 3 months.
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