THE PRIMORDIAL CARDS guiding a journey towards self-knowledge, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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THE PRIMORDIAL CARDS guiding a journey towards self-knowledge,

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Inspiring meditative self-reflection and guidance to attend self-knowledge

The Primordial Cards, will bring you into a journey to the primordial nature of self, and invite you explore in your own nature, and the nature of all that is, has been and will be within your own heart.


The author along a meditative journey, approaches life, human nature and knowledge. A multidisciplinary adventure in the realms of philosophy, science, arts, history, technology, mythology, travel, cultures of the world, and challenges of the human, still actual in our times.

Inspired by nature, ancient cultures and civilizations knowledge, mythology and symbolic language, the author reveals new dimensions, perspective, flavours and pathways towards self-knowledge.


Focus: Human Self-Knowledge, Human enhancement, Unleash of Human Potential

May include guided meditations, challenges, missions, games, poetry, experiences, storytelling, meditative reflections, universal knowledge, challenges, art.


The author provides holistic coaching & training, workshops, online, outdoors and indoors, in the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands.



Founder, CEO of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, R&D Lead, Impact Lead, Innovator, self-funded own multidisciplinary research as sustainability and and strategic management consultant, coach-trainer for c-level and entrepreneur, since 1993. Author (300+ e Publications, 1200 hrs video and audio), speaker, artist, explorer, trainer (Work-life balance, happiness at work, conscious breathing, yoga, meditation, self-defense). Travel & Research since 1996/7. Luis did run pilot projects, experiments, validation of innovative products and actual business projects in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Israel, Finland, the Netherlands. Research-Consultant for the MVO Nederlands network (IMVO Voucher)

The research studies of the author intent to answer the question "how nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations" (via Multidisciplinary archeology, focus in the study of symbolic language, math and algorithms) did apply nature systems, principles and mathematics, to enable a sustainable and holistic way of living, new technology, inspiring leaders, effective education, quality of life, happier families and lifestyle.

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THE PRIMORDIAL CARDS guiding a journey towards self-knowledge, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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