The Operator and the adventures of Ioras, the Lifestyle-Traveler

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THE OPERATOR and the adventures of Ioras the LifestyelTraveler

e-Book by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

" The traveler arrived at the central square, he had to wait a few more seconds, for the sun to be at 12:00, he knew it, the time was near, he could feel it like a cold breeze, passing through his whole being.

So then she was there, the perfect woman for the job.

Iroas was expecting for her, 9 months living abroad and traveling, with that space never filled. She asked for one to come, to be there for him, but got no one. The travel networks were silent, and travel clubs never commented a word, he knew, there should be another way, another channel to reach out to the perfect one, and decided to wait patiently.

He has been waiting for 9 months, and finally, among a few tryouts, they never looked promising, finally, one hit the marks, and matches the score card. Would be she real?

Her job wouldn’t be simple, no schedule, day and night alert, ready to react, to act… and all for him, all for him. Will share care, will she dare, why would her?

So many questions he could not answer yet, because it wasn’t yet 12:00, of the 9th day, the 9th month of his journey.

A premonition with much expectation, silent words moving in WhatsApp, coordinating time and space. Was her from this world or from any other, where she comes from, why is she here?

While all these questions were flowing among thousands of other thoughts in Iroas mind, his emotions had only one center point, his heart was telling him, that she was the one.

Among shadows, walking in the square, he realized there was that light, her light, like a bolt passing through in slow motion, perfect movement, perfect timing, the right focus, clear mind…

The best of all is that she was smiling… what was in her mind, what was she happy, thought Iroas… maybe she is the real one, maybe she knows it already.

Iroas greet her with calmness in his heart, yet the pulse was so high. They took a moment to connect, looking at each other eyes, a simple ritual practiced by lifestyle travelers since the original times of the travel culture.

Questions came, and answers were there, for both of them were a perfect match.

The trial season will start. Not tomorrow, but today. So it is in the traveler's lands. There is no tomorrow. Past is a story being told.

So starts, our story: The Operator, is a story of lifestyle travelers, seeking life, fortune, or leisure, daring the limits of comfort, exploring the edges of culture, finding the hidden paths in nature, and the keys to the secret gardens of all times...."


By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

All rights reserved

Is a book of short or long or quantum fantastic stories, taken from real events that took place on the road, between 1996 and 2022.

The travel operator is an online assistant, caring for the timeline of the lifestyle traveler, a trusted assistant that monitors the journey, being sure the traveler arrived on time and safe to its next destination, or gives assistance online in the most impossible situations, supporting the lifestyle traveler to fulfill his/her destiny: long life living abroad traveling.

The Operator is the story of Iroas, a lifestyle traveler, that was certainly the only way to travel safe, find a safe haven everywhere you go, and be rescued in any situation, is to have a professional operator to care for the map, the entries and pathways out, from challenging, unpredictable, uncontrollable, complex, ambiguous and changing situations the traveler will find on the road.

All the roads lead to Rome, but there is a unique road for you!

A travel book of adventure, love for freedom, and human encounters; about a relationship long distance, a bond, that will bring two people together, being there for each other, under the most challenging circumstances. Lessons learned with the most ancient teacher being alive: Life itself!



Chapters are written on the go, from time to time. We update you while the book evolves in a journey filled with joy.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has been living abroad and traveling since 1996/7, also at a young age (3-4) lived in Austria, and while living in Peru he constantly moved between locations. Luis has the heart of a traveler. Between 1997-2003, his travel destinations will include Europe and SouthAmerika Southern Pacific Coast. He grounded the first travelers club in 1999, the Travelers-Culture International Association, an NGO dedicated to bringing together world citizens and engaging together in positive impact projects. The association got dormant in 2003 when he moved back to Europe, Switzerland, but the club did not. The Lifestyle Travelers club continued. In 2012 more than 260 lifestyle travelers tried to do the impossible, to coordinate efforts to make a living while living abroad traveling. 1.5 years after the project got discontinued, due to the need for a system that would bring business, travel, adventure, culture, and leisure together. Between 2013-2016 Luis did organize a number of multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, some days, and others for months, in both Europe and Russia.  The Lifestyle Travelers Club now become a division of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, a system that supports travel-preneurs: entrepreneurs that live abroad traveling and are dedicated to creating a positive impact.


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The Operator and the adventures of Ioras, the Lifestyle-Traveler

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