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In ancient times the ability of survival will involve the capacity to provide food, shelter, medicine (health), water, safety and security for the people you care for.

These skills are still needed today. Property of land (ancient times) as enabler of happiness and peace (essential means for life covered) have evolved to property of money and values, assets, that enable a quality of life, sustainable living, holistic lifestyle, and an advanced cultures and civilisation.

For the Matrix-Q Human Typology System, the survival capacity means that individuals have achieved skills in 3 fields, (3x Matrix-Q Cyphers), including wealth generation, learning skills (creativity, strategic thinking, innovation), emotional intelligence (perception of value, process and time management) and data analysis capacity (Measure, predict, enhance and optimise capacity).

The human species in general has developed skills in 2/9 of the Matrix-Q Fields (Competences, knowledge, capacity of using tools, skills, value creation, ...) (Learn more at the Matrix-Q Human Typology, Emotional Intelligence and Human Evolution Time Line ).

Emotional intelligence plays today a pivotal role for human advancement. Also for the development of the ability to provide (generate) the necessary means fo survival, peace, quality of life and happiness.


Provides a foundation training on a complete set of skills that will enhance your holistic capacity to create value and generate wealth.

Starting for the understanding of the Cypher 3, and its role in our modern times, as enabler of peace, happiness, holistic living and human welfare. In a more global sense as enabler of sustainable living. 

But not alone the set of competences associated to the Cypher 3 will bring you to happiness. As for the human competences, skills, tools and knowledge can be organised in 9 categories (9 Cyphers).

In this training program you will learn about how the development of skills and capacity in the 9 cyphers will help you enhance your adaptive capacity, emotional intelligence, social empathy, learning skills, creativity, personal leadership, perception of value, innovation capacity, circular thinking, holistic perception of value, strategic thinking and much more.


> Bridge the holistic wealth-ability gap

> Spot and dissolve barriers

> Measure and enhance your capacity

> Acquire strategic knowledge, skills, tools and methodology


Accelerate your personal and professional development


90% of humankind is not aware of their capacity, potential, or purpose

80% does make choices daily that do not reflect their real needs or preferences

99% in any moment of their life struggle with perception, thinking, and behavior change

99% of humankind has subconsciously activated only 2/9 of their true potential

100% of humans on earth have the potential to create a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies

The Matrix-Q Capacity Assessment helps you measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to create value and positive impact

Trapped value release in human capital enables the acceleration of growth, innovation and organizational development

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Matrix-Q Holistic Wealth-Ability PODCAST & VIDEO Archive

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