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The Matrix-Q Wheel of Happiness will help you measure, enhance, predict, optimise your happiness capacity

The Matrix-Q Wheel of Happiness is a tool that will help you create the necessary balance between your work, profession, private life and personal development. 

Happiness at work, quality of life, family-life-work balance, health prevention, start with the right mindset and the development of the capacity of happiness.

In other to thrive, unleash your full potential, realise your vision, purpose and passion, the capacity to exercise daily happiness becomes the bridge you need, the sparkling power-house, you need to achieve your goals and realise your dreams.


Join happiness seekers in the journey towards happiness

By subscribing to the study circle you will receive access to (see boxes/packages in this page, or contact us for a tailor-made assessment and advice)

> Tutorials

> Insights

> Cases

> Application tutorials, workbooks, e-learning

> e-games (LARRP Life action remote role play)

> Webinars

> e-mails, WhatsApp, e-forum

> Data-driven smart applications subscriptions, e-tools

> e-tests

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> training modules, seminars

>Assisted by A.I. Engine, Data analysis - Matrix-Q Human Metrics reports


> The study circle offers you continues support in the achievement of happiness 

> Monthly new content

> Online activities, webinars, and e-forum

> Group coaching

> Q&A

> Smart apps, e-tools, e-trainer

>Assisted by A.I. Engine, Data analysis - Matrix-Q Human Metrics reports


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder Matrix-Q Ecosystem, R&D Lead, Social-Impact Lead, Matrix-Q Research Institute, Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub for social entrepreneurship

Luis provides training for Matrix-Q Coaches (For business, leadership, life-work balance, quality of life and happiness at work)

The Matrix-Q Methodology is the result of multidisciplinary research study, in nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilisations; their mathematics, algorithms and symbolic language, quality of life and harmony they achieved with themselves and nature; from the perspective of modern scientific and technology knowledge, to create a bridge for the future, addressing global pressing issues and human quality of life needs of the present. (Research 1993-2020)


9x90 min coaching sessions are provided by Matrix-Q Coaching students that have reached an advanced qualified skills for the application of the Matrix-Q Coaching Method. The coaching sessions are monitored always by a Matrix-Q Coaching Trainer (Certified, Licensor's holder) (2 coaches for the price of 1)

The 1xhalf day (5 hours) coaching session is provided by certified Matrix-Q Coaches (Black Belt - license holders) 

Would you like to become a Matrix-Q Happiness Coach ? Please continue reading about our study circle and coaching school modules, certification and licenses program


You will receive daily support to achieve happiness!

By e-mail, WhatsApp and with a data-driven tool (Matrix-Q e-Trainer)

The e-training program and tools will help you accelerate thinking, behaviour change, to overcome barriers and develop the necessary mindset, experience, and skills that will enable for you a daily state of happiness


Every two weeks the subscribers gather online (webinar format) for a live study circle session with a Matrix-Q Black Belt

Learning activities, like review of e-books, case study, application and use of data driven tools, tips and tricks, Q&A and group coaching sessions, knowledge acquisition will be provided

Study circle subscribers will also receive micro-courses, with additional applications of the Matrix-Q Methods for business, family, leadership, and personal development. 


The Matrix-Q Happiness method will level-up your capacity for social engagement and bring you by tools, tactics and knowledge necessary for the creation of the future we want, the quality of life and happiness we want to see in the world.

Advanced study circle members (Optional) will receive guidance to find happiness in a time of uncertainty, ambiguity, rapid change and high complexity. We will address  global pressing issues and learn how to find happiness in the middle of the storm, and become capable of action and engagement while being happy under challenging conditions. We will discuss & case study  corporate responsibility, sustainability, SDGs, Circular thinking, covid-19, economy recovery, social-empathy, social-inclusions, climate and other global pressing issues.

E-GAME (LARRP) Life action remote role play

The e-game program includes live play sessions (webinar format) and also e-mail e-forum and WhatsApp challenges.

A hands-on gamified learning by role playing program.

We will explore the set of competences, resources, tools, knowledge, skills, value generated by the Matrix-Q Human Typology Archetypes.

The purpose of the e-game is to help you unleash your full potential 


We utilize Matrix-Q Methodology, and a data-driven gamified tokenized digital platform for capacity building, which provides smart applications services, like e-tools, e-trainers, e-tests, e-workbooks, e-learning, data-driven reports

We measure, enhance predict and optimize human capacity. 

The Matrix-Q Happiness Products will help you level-up your happiness capacity

Our data-driven methodology also helps us measure, enhance predict and optimize emotional intelligence, adaptive capacity, learning skills, circular thinking, strategic thinking, social-empathy, innovation capacity, leadership skills, social-entrepreneurship skills and impact-investment capacity. (Please visit for more products, services and projects)

The Matrix-Q Human Metrics reports can be added to your CV, human-capital valuation or company valuation.

The Matrix-Q Human Metrics (Data Analysis) reports will help you identify patterns of thinking, feeling, behaviour and creation that enable for you the achievement of happiness. As well as to learn how to transform weaknesses, barriers, and blindspots into opportunities. 

Our data-driven methodology, human metrics reports, will help you accelerate learning, thinking and behaviour change.


The foundation training for the first certificate of the coaching school, include 12 modules. Methodology, knowledge, content, technical use of tools, data analysis, and use of the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine Assistant (For coaching and training) is included in the training.

After completion of the foundation modules, the eligible students (evaluation of capacity) will start an internship program and engage into providing coaching services assisted by an experienced trainer. ( Sessions with 2 coaches for the price of 1 MODULE #6).


Eligible students will qualify as Matrix-Q Coaching License holders. The Matrix-Q License for commercial use of the knowledge, tools and skills acquired along the training, helps our customers to identify Matrix-Q Coaches that have completed the training and that have enough experience to provide the services, and use the methodology and data-driven tools correctly. The Matrix-Q License also indicates the number of units of training, the set of competences or skills the Matrix-Q Coach is strong at, the expertise field and challenges the coach is skilful to solve, recommendations by the trainers and the rank acquired along the training.

The Rank (Belts) indicate also the level of complexity the Matrix-Q License holder is capable to solve by applying the Matrix-Q Methodology. There are 12 Belts, indicating 12 levels of capacity of application of the method.

Matrix Q Coaching Interns are holders of yellow, and blue belts.

Matrix-Q Trainers are holders of Black Belts (9 levels of black belts)


The outcome result of the application of the content and support received along the coaching and training sessions depends on each individual, subscriber efforts, consistency and engagement. We have developed tools, designed services, utilise a methodology that will help you accelerate your learning, thinking and behaviour change, to enhance your happiness capacity. But the journey is yours, as well as the worth of your achievements and every decision and step you make along the journey towards happiness.


Please notice there is no-refund, no cash-back or cancellation of service.

If you do not attend the sessions scheduled or consume the services and products within the time frame of the subscription, there is no time-extension of the service.


In the case of cancellation (by yourself or us) you may convert the value of the units of service you have not consumed into tokens to later trade them for other services or product you may prefer. Please contact us for the necessary details.

This membership will automatically end after 3 months.
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Data-driven smart app and e-tools
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e-game (LARRP) Life action remote role play
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Data analysis - Matrix-Q Human Metrics reports
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Matrix-Q Happiness - THE STUDY CIRCLE