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GTE Quantum-Business Tool (in a Nutshell)


The next generation entrepreneurs bridge the strategy-skills gap with the GTE Quantum Business Tool

A Quantum Thinking Business Tool for The Next Generation Entrepreneurs

The GTE Tool is very simple to use, you do not need any previous knowledge, education, or technology to use it. Even children can learn how to use this tool.

You need just 3 min to use the tool

Help yourself enhance your strategic-management performance in 300%

The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship is a Quantum-Business Tool that will help us accelerate the transition to a circular, sustainable, inclusive and climate-proof civilization.

It is a holistic tool for strategic management, innovation, social impact and entrepreneurship.


Find a balanced path, in which economic growth, and positive impact in nature, societies and economies, both together, create the future we want.


Offers you:

> Brief presentations

> info-Graphics

> Demos

> Video Presentations

> Challenges


You would like to create impact with your knowledge, skills, creativity and purpose.

Find a balanced path, in which economic growth, and positive impact in nature, societies and economies, create the future we want

You would like to become a leader in your field of knowledge.


Create more impact. Scale-up your impact

Unleash your potential.

Become a loved leader


You will learn how to up-level your strategic thinking skills with the GTE Tool

With the GTE Tool, we are able to measure, enhance and optimize the adaptive capacity, circular thinking, innovation capacity, learning skills, social empathy, strategic thinking, creative-mindset, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.


It is a Quantum-Thinking Business Tool for strategic management.

GTE means: The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship.

The image of the triangle intents to communicate the idea of balance and stability.

The GTE Tool, has been developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Netherlands (27 years, nature-inspired multidisciplinary research)


I have created a smart app, that will make your work 80% easier, accelerate your learning curve 200% and enhance your ability to deal with complexity 400%

The GTE Tool is a data-driven tool used for the assessment of strategic-impact.

By joining this course you will receive a subscription to the Smart App


A data-driven, gamified, tokenized competition for social-entrepreneurs and impact-agents. Offers as prizes GTE Quantum-Business Tools services. Boot camp, incubation & acceleration programs 9 modules training and masterclasses. You can register here and join the competition with your creative idea or social project. (see register fees). 



Research & Innovation 1993-2020 Lead by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. The Matrix-Q Research Institute, (The Netherlands 2016) mission is to provide with the means that enable multidisciplinary research and innovation. 

www.matrix-q.solutions. www.matrix-q.com

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
€9 a monthMatrix-Q GTE Business-Tool in 1 Minute

> A one minute presentation with the essentials of the GTE Business-Tool
> A poster with details of the cyphers

€27 a monthSmart Application 3 months subscription

Matrix-Q e-Test three months subscription
> The Data-driven engine for the GTE Quantum-Business Tool
> To help you measure, enhance and optimise your performance
> Includes user quick-silver-manual

€9 a monthe-Workbook (Learn how to use the GTE Quantum Business Tool in 3 minutes)

> A step-by-step guide to help you use the GTE Quantum Business Tool
> The Blind-spots risk-management protocol

€36 a monthGTE Start-Package (All included) + Community Subscription

> Info-graphic
> Video Introduction
> User quick-silver-manual
> Smart app subscription 1 month
> e-Workbook
> The Blind-spots risk-management protocol
> 3 months community subscription included. To meet other users of the GTE Tool

€54 a monthe-test Assessment/month

> 1x 15 min e-test assessment/month with a human-consultant / month

€90 a month1x Coaching Session every 3 months

1x 90 min Coaching Session every 3 months
e-mail follow-up process (3 e-mails per month)

€81 a month1 x Remote Masterclass / month

90 min hands-on training session/month
Insights, tips, tricks and secrets to use the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool and the Matrix-Q Smart App
Diverse topics, applications, workbooks and lessons

€81 a monthMatrix-Q Impact-Journey

> Registration fees for gamified data-driven & tokenised competition for impact-agents & social-entrepreneurs
> Utilise the GTE Quantum-Business Tool to present your social-impact idea, business project or story.
> Includes: masterclass, 2x Modules GTE

€6 a monthChallenges Social-Entrepreneurs & Impact-Agents will face in the next 10-30 years

Insights, vision, advice by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, researcher, creators of the GTE Quantum Business Tool (Matrix-Q Research Institute - The Netherlands)

€81 a monthModules Training Program

> 12 Modules. a 1 Module/month
> e-learning, e-workbooks, Masterclasses, case study, insights
> 1 Module/ Application-Field of the GTE Quantum-Business Tool

  • info-graphic, video-presentation, e-workbook, user guidelines, video presentations, insights
  • e-workbookA step-by-step hands-on guide to use the GTE Quantum-Business Tool
  • info-graphicThe 9 cyphers, essentials, for strategic management
  • video-presentationLearn the principles behind the GTE Quantum Business Tool in 1 min
  • risk-management protocolSelf-management guide
  • Smart App subscription (e-test)Matrix-Q Data-driven e-Test to help you measure, enhance and optimise your performance
  • user-guide (quick-silver manual)Smart-app user manual
  • Matrix-Q E-test AdviceRemote advice session with a human consultant
  • Matrix-Q CoachingRemote coaching session
  • GTE MasterClassInsights, tricks, secrets and knowledge. Hands on learning lessons
  • Video PresentationsInsights and applications of the GTE Quantum Business Tool
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GTE Quantum-Business Tool (in a Nutshell)

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