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The Art of Life 9+

The art of Life 9+

Series I

By LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Adaptation of the Art of War by Master Sun Tzu,

based on Prime Tech Theta know How for Leadership

for peace, family, culture, life, wealth care and heritage.

Strategy training applied for the Matrix 9+ Strategy Board Game

First Draft Edition, The Netherlands, 2016. Year of the Primes

DISCLAIMER: The following texts has been written based on the art of war, by master Sun Tzu. The author do not claim property of the art of war, but of the adjustments, comments and additions to its text. For example, by including 9 elements in the art, 9 skills, 9 dangerous faults. This e-book has been written as complementary education materials for the Prime Tech Theta Internship programs, and for the Games Matrix 9+.



1. Our art is of vital importance to our kind.

2. The need of the skills for the application of this art can not be neglected as the path can bring you to death or life, safety or ruin, wealth and peace, war and self destruction.

3. For our art we must observe:

1. the moral and codex (ETHER),

2. the divine principle (the state of prime self union)(PRIME HEART),

3. heritage, care for life, culture, family, peace; (EARTH)

4. the leadership, the rank and assessment, the training, the knowledge and technology, method and tools applied. (ORGANIC SOUNDING LIGHT);

5. The alchemy ability of transformation and perception. (FIRE)

6. The stage of ability for relationship (MALE-FEMALE),

7. The ability of emotional process management (WATER),

8. The organic development strategic ability (WIND),

9. The primal ability to walk the path, the instinct and stage of development (THE HEART).

4. . THE CODEX. ETHER: The blue print, of our primordial codex, a prime moral, set of values, aims and principles, laws to operate with, the foundation for honor and aim. the codex, moral law, causes people to be one with the leadership, able to go through any danger.

5. HEAVEN (PRIME HEART): changes of water, day, night, seasons and time. the nature of the path of divine action, perception, manifestation, self expression.

6. EARTH: measurements, distances, geography, location, safety, danger security, risk management: assessment of chances, life and death.

7. LEADERSHIP (ORGANIC SOUNDING LIGHT), suggests the presences of virtues like honesty, truth, clarity, precision, benevolence, courage, honor, strictness. Organic sounding light. KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY & METHOD: Rank, training and assessment.

8. CHANGE - FIRE: Tangible ability of transforming one condition, circumstance into that one necessary or optimal for action and development of own strategy, for achieving own aims.

9. MALE-FEMALE capacity of co-creation, manifestation, communication, collaboration, interaction, relationship.

10. EMOTION, WATER: the ability to master and self-master own self in time, emotional self management, time management, process management.

11. ORGANIC GROWTH, WIND: the ability of collaboration with the principles, laws and rhythms of life, nature, as for the sustainability of life, resilience, organic natural development.

12. THE HEART, a primal and primordial instinct, ability of survival, super vival.

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The Art of Life 9+

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