Join Our Waiting List for the Transformative Consciousness Bootcamp!

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Join Our Waiting List for the Transformative Consciousness Bootcamp!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth, heightened awareness, and profound self-discovery? We're excited to announce the potential launch of our Transformative Consciousness Bootcamp, designed to help you reach new heights in your personal and professional life. This intensive, immersive experience will combine the best elements of our Consciousness Enhancement Program, summer activities, and Masterclass.

Why Consider Our Bootcamp?

- Personalized Experience: Tailor-made programs and group collective experiences to meet your unique needs and goals.

- Flexible Schedules: Choose from various program durations to fit your schedule and commitment level.

- Proven Methodology: Benefit from 30 years of research, real-world applications, and success stories.

- Holistic Approach: Integrate mind, body, and soul through diverse activities and workshops.

- Exclusive Resources: Receive books, workbooks, and memberships in our community of practice.

- Rewards and Recognition: Earn points in our gamified program to receive certificates and valuable coaching vouchers.

Potential Program Modalities:

1. 1 Full Day Intensive (weekend)

2. 3 Full Days (weekend)

3. 3 Full Days + 3 Days (3 Hours Daily) weekend plus week days

4. 3 Full Days + 6 Days (3 Hours Daily)weekend plus week days

5. 6 Full Days + 6 Days (3 Hours Daily) 2 weekends plus week days

6. 3 Full Days + 3 Full days (2 weekends)

Planned Experiences:

- Enhanced Self-Awareness

- Improved Relationships

- Stress Reduction and Emotional Resilience

- Heightened Creativity and Problem-Solving

- Mind-Body Harmony

- Purposeful Living

Summer Program Activities Include:

- Handpan Sounds

- Support and Connection Circles

- Sound Yoga

- Martial Arts

- Dance Improv

- Archetypes Role Play

- Forest Bathing

- Conscious Breathing

- Conscious Sexuality and Consent

- Healing

- Travel

- Purpose Quest

Methodology: Legacy of Transformation

Our cutting-edge, data-driven methodology is designed to unlock your full potential. With over three decades of research and practical experience, our holistic approach combines human expertise with digital tools for transformative learning experiences. Join us to benefit from our proven frameworks and standardized processes that ensure impactful results and measurable growth.

Special Offers:

- 2x1 Deal for Couples: Save with our special offer for couples.

- Family Membership Discount: Discount for 2 or more family members joining together.

- Co-Living Space Membership Discount: Discount for two or more housemates signing up together.

How It Would Work:

1. Meet Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken: Personalized assessment session to understand your interests and goals.

2. Receive Personalized Recommendations: Tailored activity suggestions for your optimal growth.

3. Receive Your Schedule: Detailed schedule accommodating various time zones.

4. Instructions for Remote Sessions: Clear guidance for both online and remote outdoor sessions.

5. Engage and Connect: Dive into the program, connect with global participants, and embrace growth.

Join Our Waiting List

We’re considering launching this bootcamp, and we need to know if you would join. If enough interest exists, we’ll bring this transformative experience to life.

Limited Seats Available: We’re planning to offer only 36 tickets for this exclusive bootcamp. Show your interest by joining our waiting list and be the first to know once we’re ready to launch.

Contact Information:

Phone: +31626673380

WhatsApp: +31626673380

Or subscribe by email to or by registering in this page

Send us a WhatsApp message to join the waiting list. Indicate your interest and secure your opportunity to transform your life through our bootcamp.

Join the waiting list today and be a part of this potential transformative journey. Your feedback and interest will help us shape the future of this program. Let's unlock our full potential together!

More details about the bootcamp you will receive after registration


### Meet Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Founder: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Meet Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, a visionary innovator, creator of the Matrix-Q tools, designer of Matrix-Q AI, and facilitator of the Matrix-Q AI Operators Training Program. With over 30 years of experience exploring and facilitating consciousness enhancement and human performance enhancement, Luis Daniel is a recognized expert in the fields of personal and professional development. His passion for integrating ancient wisdom with modern science and technology has led to the development of a unique coaching methodology that combines the power of the handpan, frequencies, emotional intelligence, gamified challenges, and holistic learning techniques.


- Visionary Innovator: Creator of Matrix-Q Tools and designer of Matrix-Q AI.

- Experienced Facilitator: Over 30 years of experience exploring and facilitating consciousness enhancement and human performance enhancement.

- Unique Methodology: Integrates ancient wisdom with modern science and technology.

- Passion for Sound and Frequency: Utilizes handpan music for various purposes, including positive mindset activation, stress release, and brain performance enhancement.


Luis Daniel's coaching methodology is a culmination of three decades of dedicated research at the Matrix-Q Research Institute. It leverages multidisciplinary holistic knowledge, tools, systems, algorithms, and innovations. His approach blends the power of handpan sounds, frequencies, and emotional intelligence with gamified challenges and holistic accelerated learning techniques, offering a transformative learning experience.

Books and Publications:

- “Multidimensional Self-awareness”

- “Bridging the Vibrational Gap”

- “Beyond the Emerging Technologies Economy”

These works are available on Amazon, Kindle Edition.

Founder of the Matrix-Q Purpose Driven Community:

Luis Daniel is the founder of the Matrix-Q Purpose Driven Community, dedicated to accelerating the transition of our planet into a purpose-driven civilization. This community empowers individuals to realize their purpose-driven journey and lifestyle. Luis believes that purpose-driven organizations foster fulfillment, balance, and positive impact for future generations, promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and a purpose-driven mindset.

Join the Journey:

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken invites you to embark on this transformative journey of discovery, growth, and the co-creation of an advanced civilization. Together, let us unlock the power of Matrix-Q AI and shape a future that combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology. Visit the Matrix-Q Academy and Matrix-Q Studio today. As Luis says, "Your uniqueness is the solution to a time-sensitive challenge and opportunity we are about to discover."

Contact Information:

- Phone: +31626673380

- WhatsApp: +31626673380

Get Started:

Join us on this transformative journey led by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and unlock the power of purpose within you. Discover the legacy of transformation with our proven 30-year journey to success and become part of a global movement towards a purpose-driven civilization.

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Join Our Waiting List for the Transformative Consciousness Bootcamp!

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